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Your product is in demand in Canada and you wish the provide optimal quality communication to your French-Canadian customers and show your company's professionalism. I will join my translation and MTPE skills to yours by ensuring accurate use of words for a high quality written communications and copy decks.

Words are a way to communicate feelings, emotions and information. Human translations using the right word is crucial, if not, it could mislead the customers on your company ideas, values and philosophy which can not be accomplished by machine translation yet. High quality translation becomes more important when using another language which has its own subtleties. You engage efforts producing, promoting and advertising your product and results are imminent. Translation software can help for fast results but most of time will not reflect the true meaning of your message. My translations are supported by the government's bilingual electronic data bank and many other resources to ensure quality work.
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Michelle Lavigne-Langevin
514 648-9416
Monday through Friday
9:00 AM to 04:00 PM  GMT -5

City : Montréal
Province : Québec
Country : Canada

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